Matthias and the mechanics

Matthias Suchomel Vocational training supervisor

The student becomes the master. Having started as an apprentice himself, Matthias now trains others – all while testing new ideas.

The biggest achievements of Matthias Suchomel are the achievements of other people. “When my apprentices have figured something out, when they get things done, when they pass an exam: These are the best moments of my working life.” It puts a smile on his face when he talks about those everyday successes.

As a training supervisor at Linde Gas in Germany, he is responsible for more than 20 apprentices. “It is a very formative period of their lives. They grow, they mature, they become adults.” Suchomel not only wants to accompany, but also motivate them – which time and again leads to exceptional projects.

Each apprentice brings different skills to the table. One might be into electronics, the other one into mechanics and the third knows more about design…Everyone does what he’s best at and this leads to the optimum result.

“I find it exciting to work together with young people. I used to be an apprentice at Linde myself so I know what it takes to make the day-to-day work inspiring and interesting.”

“My apprentices learn that they are able to act independently. They learn that they achieve more as a group than as individuals. And they learn that they are able to bring about great things.”

Fast facts

  • Location: Unterschleißheim, Germany
  • Started @ Linde: Apprenticeship: 1995 – 1999, permanent employment since 2004
  • Favourite film: The Godfather Trilogy
  • Favourite music: Everything from oldies, rock, pop and rap to reggae
  • An interesting fact about me: I am a hobby wine grower. Once a year I travel to Slovenia with my family to harvest.