Press release - Linde Gaz Romania

Linde Gaz Romania: Many hospitals in the country are going through an intense process of updating their medicinal oxygen installations

Bucharest, May 5, 2020 – Since the beginning of March, Linde Gaz, one of the most important suppliers of industrial and medical gases in Romania, has established a significant number of oxygen distribution installations necessary for the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases, especially COVID-19 cases. The production team, along with the planning and Customer Engineering Services units, have increased their efforts to provide the necessary equipment and medicinal gases – both liquid and cylinders – for all the hospitals in the country.

 "In record time, we managed to establish the cryogenic tanks for medical oxygen and distribution installations in hospitals designated to be COVID-19 treatment centers. Intensive Therapy units in the country have prepared for a possible sudden increase in oxygen demand for treating patients. We understand their concern in providing medicinal oxygen for all patients, so we designed personalized solutions for every hospital that asked for our support," said Ciprian Islai, Managing Director of Linde Gaz Romania.

 "We have made considerable efforts to ensure continuity in the production of liquified medicinal oxygen in our filling stations. The work procedures and protective equipment have been adjusted, putting safety first for our workers, medical staff and patients. To avoid any scarcities in the continuous supply of the oxygen to the hospitals, we prepared an additional number of cylinders, and we also launched a campaign for urgently collecting the Linde oxygen cylinders from the customers that do not need them during this time," underlined Ciprian Islai.

During this time, Lind Gaz Romania provided services for the extension of the oxygen distribution installations for more than ten medical centers that treat patients with COVID-19 works that consisted of the installation of additional tanks, doubling the capacities of the vaporizers and supplementing the number of cylinders.

The company delivered more than 50 mechanical ventilators to the authorities, NGOs and companies involved in supporting the doctors' efforts. At the same time, specialists from Linde Gaz Romania provided training for the medical staff for the proper use of the equipment.

Among the hospitals that have gone through a process of modernization or enhancement of their medical oxygen installations are: National Institute of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Matei Balş, Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumophthisiology, Colentina Clinical Hospital, Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases Cluj-Napoca, Saint Spiridon County Emergency Clinical Hospital from Iași, Târgu Mureș County Emergency Clinical Hospital, Slobozia County Emergency Hospital, Infectious Diseases Unit of the Municipal Hospital Dr. Al. Simionescu Hunedoara or the Pneumoftiziology Hospital from Bacău.