Giving back

Katarzyna Baranska Regional Sales Manager

A natural leader with a can-do attitude, Kasia has successfully made her way up the ranks during her time at Linde. Now it’s her turn to give back.

As Regional Sales Manager for Linde Gas Poland, Kasia Baranska manages her own team of thirteen people. That includes sales back office staff – where she herself started out at Linde over a decade ago. Today, she wants to help others realise their potential.

She aims to motivate and inspire her staff in the same way she was led by her mentors throughout her career. What drives her? “I love working with people, emotions, characters, challenges and daily routines, as well as new projects.”

Her journey has been all about taking on responsibility and not being afraid of doing something new.

“In whatever I do, I just love meeting people – I always try to take something new away from anyone I meet.”

“I learned from my manager how to manage teams, how to build relationships and take on responsibility. I consider him as a mentor and I think he had a huge influence on my professional life.”

Fast facts

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Started @ Linde: 2004
  • Favourite movie: It’s always changing. I love Kevin Spacey, so right now I’m into House of Cards. I just saw Everest too, which I loved.
  • Favourite music: I listen to a lot of jazz and classical music.